Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This blog represents a long overdue apology to a guy that I used to know. Chances are that he will never read this post as I have not had contact with him for quite some time. However, I hope that these words can still do some good, even if they are only for me. The issue is that I all too often say things in the moment that I later regret. Perhaps this post can serve to remind me to think a bit more about my words before I throw them out there.

I saw this guy once a week as part of my church small group. Even though he was quite a bit younger than me, he was the kind of guy that I could see a younger version of myself hanging out with. We had developed a friendship and would spend time before and after group chatting and sharing a laugh or two. He had just gotten married and one of the first orders of business for him and his wife was to get a new vehicle, as they were both driving older model cars that had seen some serious miles. They decided to buy a new mini-SUV. I guessed that this purchase was going to be a bit of strain on their budget. Also, it was the first big thing that he and his wife had bought together. I could see him smile when others in the group told him how great his new vehicle was. However, I decided to try to be funny. I made fun of him for buying a "chick" car. As soon as I let the words loose, I knew that I had said something really stupid. Instead of building him up, I moved to tear him down. I wish that I had apologized to him at that moment. I didn't. So, at least I can apologize now. Dave, I am sorry for the hurtful and thoughtless comment that I made. I will continue to try to do better.