Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cary Grunt

Citified folks might be somewhat ignorant concerning the nature of the common barnyard piggy, but if you spend any amount of time in their presence, you will come to find that they tend to spend most of their day laying around in muck not doing much of anything. From time to time you may hear them making a kind of guttural, snorkish grunting sound. If you have never heard this distinctive noise, I will say that it kind of reminds me a bit of an idling chainsaw. I have been led to believe from my vast research into the subject, that pigs tend to make this sound when they are in a good mood, such as when the farmer only wants grits for breakfast or when they are out rooting about in the soil looking for tasty grubs and such on which to munch.

There is a person at the place where I work who continually makes a very similar snorking sound like the rooting pigs make. I think that he must have some sort of sinus issue that affects his sense of decorum and manners, because he walks around the place all day just snorking and grunting away at a volume level that is both comical and disgusting at the same time. However, his guttural utterances are not associated with happiness like the pigs on the farm, as this guy always seems to be in the most foul of moods whenever I encounter him. Perhaps this is because he got no roast beef or because he couldn't go home.