Monday, October 17, 2011

Right This Way

I was in charge of logistics at a professional workshop that I was organizing several years ago at my University. In order to assist with helping the many off-campus visitors find their way to the meeting rooms, I had made up some large arrows that were to be attached to walls and signs along the path. I ran up to the printer, picked up the arrow signs, and brought them back to campus. I neatly stacked and aligned them, and then handed them to my secretary (I will refer to her as Mrs. Moneypenny - not her real name) to put into position. I told her to give me a call if she had any questions and sent her off on her way. Pretty simple job that I figured would not result in any issues ... right?

About 30 minutes later, with the workshop set to begin in just about an hour, I got a panicked call from Moneypenny saying that something was wrong with the signs. She asked me to please come over and help her. I stopped what I was doing and hustled across campus to the meeting venue and met her in the lobby. She was still holding half the arrow signs that I had given her. When I got up closer to her, I could see that she was quite flustered and concerned. She said to me, and I quote, "There is something wrong with these signs. They only printed arrows pointing to the right." I took the stack of signs and rotated them by 180 degrees in her hands. She looked to the ground sheepishly and said, "Oh". I turned around and walked silently back to my office. We never spoke of this incident again.