Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comfort Zone

All it takes is a sliver, a whisper, a wind. Just the slightest nudge can knock us out of our comfort zones. At once we move from breathing free and light to battling the pressure on our chests. Funny how fragile our mindset is when we are moved even an iota away from our comfort zone. I was reminded of this very recently at work. Normally my office is my comfort zone. My space for quiet reflection and deep thinking. A place I can retreat into to re-center my rhythms and regain my focus. However, the other day a workman showed up to deal with a loose seam that had developed in my carpet. This seam was positioned just next to my desk, right beside where my chair normally sits. Ultimately, because the job was trickier than the workman had expected, he ended up squatting next to me hemming and hawing and gesturing and coming and going for the whole day. My office suddenly had a very different dynamic. I couldn't concentrate on my work, I couldn't sit for a moment and just think a problem through. I couldn't work anywhere near my peak efficiency. What's interesting is that when I got home that evening I was exhausted. It took so much additional mental effort just to get by, that I was worn out. Definitely a day out of my comfort zone.