Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A+ America 5

Today I continue my quest to seek out the good and the positive with intention and purpose. I want to learn how to focus on uplifting things that I see in the world around me as opposed to just the blackness and hatred and violence and selfishness that are so easy to find. The one that I found today I have actually appreciated for some time, but I just never let my mind dwell on it. I was parked in the community sports complex near my home. It is actually a very nice facility with lots of baseball and softball fields, as well as general purpose fields for football, soccer, and other sports. I happened to be there for my daughter's lacrosse game. It seemed on this particular Saturday that there wasn't a single field that wasn't full of some organized children's activity. Yet almost lost in this sea of excitement and life, there were a myriad of folks who are responsible for organizing everything and making it all happen. This includes not only the facility managers and the game officials, but also the dozens of coaches and assistants who work with our kids not only to teach them the particulars of the games, but also how to compete with honor and respect, all while having fun and gaining self confidence. All of these folks willingly volunteer their time to give what they can, to share their wisdom and their passion, and to make a difference. They make things better in this world with a overwhelmingly positive outcome. It really is a very good thing. So, I say A+ America.