Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not About Me

"So the one who plants is not important, and the one who waters is not important. Only God, who makes things grow, is important." 1 Corinthians 3:7

This simple yet profound verse of scripture sums up the central truth of the book It's Not About Me by preacher and author Max Lucado. It was really the title of this book that resonated with me when I came across it in the library the other day. This simple mantra, "It's not about me", has been an important aspect of my walk and my daily devotional time. It is a notion that is definitely not native to my operating system, and so, I struggle with personalizing it. I must revisit this lesson again and again and again, like a student who continually fails the same course time after time. I don't seem to get it or to fully absorb it. My body seems to continually reject this seed. Yet, it's not about me. It never has been and never will be. Though I may fight and scratch and claw to put myself at the top of the stack, eventually I hope to truly, madly, and deeply learn where I belong.

In this book from 2004, we find a very typical set of sermons from Lucado about some relevant truth and teaching regarding our place. This work is separated into two sections, one called "God Pondering" and the other called "God Promoting". The first section is to help us to understand who we are in relation to our Creator and why everything we do should focus on glorifying Him and lifting Him up. The second section gives us some practical advice on how to fulfill our mission here.

Nothing too deep in this book. Just straightforward and practical easy-listening preaching that is the hallmark of all of Lucado's works. Ahhh ...