Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Me Against Myself

Amy Carmichael was a protestant missionary who opened and ran an orphanage in India. She lived from 1867 to 1951 and ministered to the poorest of the poor. Her biography notes that she served without furlough for 55 years. A remarkable record and proper model of sacrificial service to be sure. I stumbled across a prayer that she had written long ago that resonated within me. Words that should turn our focus of blame, condemnation, and attention of others straight back onto ourselves.

God, harden me against myself,
  The coward with pathetic voice
  Who craves for ease and rest and joy.
Myself, arch-traitor to myself,
  My hollowest friend,
  My deadliest foe,
  My clog, whatever road I go.

Obviously, although this saint has been gone for a long time now, she is still ministering to us.