Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why Not Smile

I struggle too much and labor too long to find my smile. Sometimes when I just open my eyes and let down my wall of hurt the world sings to me. Just a few things that recently made me smile when I looked beyond myself.
  • Bumper stick on man's truck that said "I love my wife!".
  • Sitting down for some quality time with an old friend who was passing through town.
  • Watching nearly 50 folks get baptized at my church unexpectedly after the spirit spoke to them.
  • An unexpected call from my daughter.
  • A friend told me after a long series of personal trials that his wife is his hero.
  • Finally getting to eat a good, vine-ripened tomato.
  • Being treated by a service company with respect and honesty.
  • Finding some quality time to read a good book and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Getting my pool fixed after a period of problems and worries.
  • A refund check from my old insurance company for $1.11.
Make your own list today. Why not smile?