Tuesday, July 13, 2010


One moment I am pretending to be a bunny munching on an oversized carrot reveling in your giggles, the next I am wandering aimlessly from room to room searching for something to do. I am splashing and corralling silly, barking seals and then, suddenly, I am staring out at a still and lifeless pool. I am at once accompanying you through an adventure in a fantasy book and hungrily reading chapter after chapter, and then I notice the book sitting there on the coffee table with its bookmark fixed in place. One instant we are laughing and screaming and gobbling up life with tears rolling down our faces, and the next it is deathly quiet. The tears that well up in my eyes are now of a different sort. Only echoes of you remain in this place. I then always find myself anxiously marking time until we can start up again, knowing then that life will return for a time.