Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Sheep Goes Baaaaa

I can't figure the human race out. I see how people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds act and form opinions, and I am just left scratching my head. Are we all just sheep? Can't we form our own opinions based on an iota of rationality and independent thought? I even spent some quiet time in my pondering spot just trying to make some sense of it. I came away with nothing. Absolutely no answers. What's that you ask friend? Oh, what is it exactly that I am jabbering on about? O.K., that is a fair question (but I must say that I am taking some exception to your tone of voice). In order to answer this question, let me take you back to a couple of things that got me started that have come up recently.

Item #1: Budweiser, the "king" of beer has a new advertising campaign with the tag line "The more you know, the better it tastes". Are you freakin' kidding me? This "beer" is just slightly above "bat urine" in its overall quality and taste. How can any rational person's taste experience of this product have any correlation whatsoever with researching their "product" or even reading the label of the can? I mean it says right on the packaging that it is filtered through worm guano packed in the intestine of a rabid ocelot. Does this knowledge suddenly make me jump to my feet and reach for another Budweiser product with an entirely new frame of mind?

Item #2: I have a tendency when driving with my daughter to point out high end cars on the road as we drive along. Ooooh, there's a Maserati, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Ford Pinto, etc. She has come to the very clear understanding over the years that the more exotic (pronounced ik-spen-siv) a car is, the uglier it looks. I think at times we tend to drool over things, really lust after them, if somebody comes along and tells us that we should like them. Just because they are expensive, they must be the things we dream about. If we really just stop for a moment and consider what we are salivating over, would we still come to the
same conclusion?

O.K., now that you have the full story on my question, maybe you can tell me what has humanity come to? While I wait for your reply, I'll just finish my beer. Hmmm, what's this? Beechwood aged? Awesome, so refreshing!