Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Service Burden

In times when the spirit fills us, we can be moved to make committments to service. Initially, the mental and physical strain of this work might go completely unnoticed as our hearts are light and our minds are focussed. However, after a time, a certain weariness can begin to move in and settle upon us. What was once a delight and joy, a way of connecting us and fulfilling us, may be looked upon with a hidden disinclination. As Hannah Whitall Smith said, the soul finds itself saying, instead of the "May I?" of love, the "Must I?" of duty. The yoke, which was easy at first, begins to gall, and the burden feels heavy instead of light.

If your acts of service start to become a burden, if a feeling of regret for having stepped up or stepped out begins to settle in, it is time to step back. It is essential that you take a break, a time out. Carve out some quiet time and think about what you are doing, why it is important, how it helps or benefits others, and, most importantly, who you are making this effort for. This time should be taken regularly to reorient yourself, to reset your priorities, and to reenergize your mind and heart. Each time before you begin your tasks, take some time to pray for a right attitude, a humble spirit, and that God will use you as he desires for the outcome that he has planned.