Friday, November 21, 2008

Road Rage!!

I have a problem with road rage. Now before you edge away from me, note for the record that my nostrils are not flaring. I'm not the sort to go so far as to get out of my car and engage in fisticuffs, to yell out my window, or to employ an uplifted middle finger (i.e. the "bird"). However, I am the sort who can carry a negative encounter with me for hours. Typical symptoms include headache, tightness across the chest, and upset stomach. People just seem so selfish when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Their me-first attitudes are so freakin' obvious. I would guess that only about 20% of people actually even attempt to use their danged turn indicators. How about those ninnies that pull into your lane at the last second as you are slowing down at a red light or Johnny lane-changer who thinks that his car will explode if he stays in one lane for more than 2 blasted seconds? What about those jerks who poke along, holding everyone up, but when they see the yellow light they floor it through the intersection, leaving the rest of us to boil in our skins for the next two minutes. Man I hate that. When will people realize that how they operate a motor vehicle is really more than just common courtesy, their actions are directly related to safety, my safety! What about the fact that we are supposed to live in a community? Just thinking about this whole topic just gets my blood boiling and my glasses all steamed up!! It fills me with such rage and venom that I just want to spit!!! Oh crap, so many exclamation points have infected my thoughts that I just ran through a stop sign. Look what they made me go and do. Now that makes me really mad.