Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blasphemous Questions

The more I read and think about things, it seems the more questions that rattle around my brain. Here is a brief list.
  1. If God is ultimate perfection, how could he create or even conceive of the imperfect?  Not just man, but the rebel angels.
  2. If God uses miracles to lead men to him, why does he act in a (seemingly) haphazard manner?  Why not just force the issue in a major way?
  3. Why has God not been as present on the earth as he was 2000 years ago?
  4. Extensive studies of hospital patients who either did or didn't have folks praying for them have shown no differences in their survival levels. I know "you should not put the Lord your God to the test", but shouldn't prayer make a difference?
  5. What is the role of God's angels in the world today? What is the role of Lucifer's angels in the world today?
  6. How will our physical bodies be remade or reborn in heaven?  What about male and female roles? What happens to sex?
  7. What will there be to do in heaven?  An eternity with nothing to 'do', even in paradise, could get old fast.
  8. Will we know everybody in heaven or just those we knew on earth?  What about coming across those that wronged us on earth?
  9. What emotions will we have in heaven? Will there be laughter?
  10. Would Christian doctrine be forced to change if intelligent life was discovered elsewhere in the universe? What about unintelligent life?
  11. Why are King David and King Solomon so revered in the bible? It seems that when they were left to their own devices (as opposed to instances where God took control), they sinned with great regularity.
  12. What was so special about Israel that God made this nation his chosen people?  This group turned its back on God at every opportunity. What made them set apart? God could have worked his plan through any group of people.
  13. When Israel entered the promised land, God told them to slaughter everything. Men, women, children, animals.  Believers or not, does this make any sense given God's laws and commandments?  It is not "thou shalt not kill a fellow Christian, but killeth heathens ye may".
  14. Christianity is a minor religion in the world. Millions of people follow other religions. What about their fates? A majority of these folks know nothing about Christ. If their fate is damnation, this doesn't seem fair at all. The religion they know is mainly due to where they were born.