Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crazy Love Question

I have just started reading a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan that was recommended to me by both Brian Miller and Rob Shepherd. I am about a third of the way into this book. What struck me immediately was a question posed in the foreword to the book. A statement from the book of Acts (chapter 11) in the New Testament -- The disciples were called Christians. The question posed is if somebody observed me, would they come to the same conclusion? Interesting. I go to church every Sunday and give an offering. We all know that this is a poor metric. I volunteer at my church as often as I can. At face value, this doesn't prove anything. Grace is received through faith, not by works. Perhaps my attitude toward others is a better clue. I'd like to think that the light that shines through me is a reflection of my heavenly father. However, I am certain that very few would notice this. I don't tend to walk around in burlap and sandals, chanting and intoning, swinging a censer before me. However, in these modern times, this is not necessarily a sign of a mature Christian but a nutbag. Can I quote lots of scripture at opportune times? No, certainly not (although I do have a few personal favorites). Maybe what sets me apart as a Christ follower is a personal recognition that this world is not about me (man, I have come a long way baby). I recognize at once how insignificant I am compared to the most high God, while appreciating (at least sometimes) how unique and valuable I am in his service. I try to give what I have and do so willingly and humbly.