Monday, January 27, 2014

The Less Than White Board

One of the things that I like to include on my blog are reviews of the books that I read. Over the years I have gotten suggestions for books from several of my online friends that have taken me on some absolutely wonderful and memorable adventures. It always seems that these suggestions come along just when I have run out of ideas of which way to turn. As a result of this, I decided that giving feedback on the books that I stumble across might give some suggestions to other folks who might be searching for what to read next. If I can provide some help every now and then, then I consider this all worthwhile.

Sometimes, however, I get several suggestions at once that lead to a veritable fountain of books that bubble up and catch my attention. As I noted in a blog post from a couple of years ago (Book List), I keep a running tally of my current and planned reading on my white board at work. I list the title, the number of pages in the book, and the number of pages that I have read. I also tally up the total number of pages that are in my list of "active" books and how many pages are remaining to be read. I don't know why I keep track like this, perhaps it makes a bit of a game out of this. Just the other day I had only two books listed, and today I find myself overwhelmed with a host of new books that fills up one whole side of my white board with ink. Those who gave me all of these great suggestions are clearly to blame, and you know who you are.