Monday, October 7, 2013

iTunes Latest - 14

Back in December of 2011, I finally discovered iTunes on my Mac. This service has really helped me to reconnect with my love of music. One of the things that I really like about music is that so often a given song has a strong association with a time or with a moment in my life. So, I thought that I would share my latest five downloads and a bit about my history with each song.
  • 18 and Life - Skid Row (1989) - Back in 1989 I had just begun graduate school and MTV still played music. A typical grungy looking band repleat with long-maned lead singer got my attention for this gritty and loud ode to wasted life. Oh and then things changed and the Gilmore Girls event happened that we shall not speak about.
  • Here's to Growing Old - The New Oldfashions (2012) - A haunting song, melancholy and rhythmic. Beautiful and complex. Oh and I consider the members of this band my friends. Looking forward to more of their work (hint, hint, hint).
  • Paparazzi - Greyson Chance (2010) - Think of me what you will for falling for the work of a young teenage prodigy. The notes he belts out with passion and desperation likely would affect you too. I found this one like many others, through Greyson's viral YouTube video.
  • Monkey on your Back - Aldo Nova (1983) - I was a junior in high school when this one came out. I remember it as one of those songs that caused me to subconsciously turn the radio dial up when it played. It was as if I couldn't help myself. This tune holds up even today. You can likely guess what it is about from the title.
  • This Love - Bad Company (1986) - The original Bad Company line-up with lead singer Paul Rodgers I considered as O.K. (although Rock and Roll Fantasy has a special place in my heart), but the version of this band with lead singer Brian Howe had a groove that I preferred. I love the CDs Holy Water, Here Comes Trouble, and Dangerous Age. However, this song is a professional effort from this group's first album, Fame and Fortune, that I just recently stumbled across.