Thursday, May 23, 2013

Believe It or Not

One source of prime fodder for my blog is crazy stories about other people that I often stumble across. Specifically those stories where you are just left scratching your head, muttering to yourself incoherently, and perhaps even beginning to drool. What else are we capable of? Today I have two such stories to share that I heard on the news the other morning. Prepare to commence drooling.

Story #1 A booming niche business that has sprung up around Walt Disney World in Florida are outfits where you can rent a random handicapped person for the day. With a handicapped person in your group, you are allowed to cut to the front of the lines for the various attractions and rides. Imagine for a small fee you can ride all the rides as often as you like without all of that pesky waiting that the rest of the insipid masses must endure. If only they were as clever as you! I wonder if lugging handicapped people around after a time becomes as much a burden for these mollusks as that oversized stuffed giraffe that was won at skee-ball?

Story #2 A Chicago man on his honeymoon in Florida was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. It turns out that the ad that he answered was actually a part of an undercover police sting. When his panicked bride called police to file a missing persons report, she was given the news that her ever-lovin' man's man was riding the pine in the hoosegow.

Perhaps you noted that both of these stories occurred in Florida. Perhaps it is something in the water. Believe it or not.