Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Back in March of this year, I celebrated my 1000th blog post (see 1000). That was a pretty big deal in the life of this work. It is kind of surprising that I had that much to say given how tame and uneventful my life is. Since that time, I have come to appreciate that this humble blog won't continue indefinitely, and I will have to kill the lights and lock the door at some point. So, I am learning to appreciate what I have created and to celebrate the few relationships that I have made solely because of this effort and to rejoice at the few relationships that I have been able to maintain with folks from my past.

But just because I reached 1000 posts, doesn't mean that I shouldn't continue to celebrate post entry numbers that end with "00". I mean it has been scientifically proven that any number ending in 00 causes the human heart rate to increase by 18.5% upon viewing, leading to an ensuing quantifiable increase in feelings of euphoria and giddiness. So, who am I not to do my part in elevating such positive feelings in the world? With that, today I celebrate my 100th post on my second orbit around the millenium stone. Thanks to all my online friends for reading and commenting and being a part of this site. Blessings to all.