Thursday, September 15, 2011


In an offshoot of his Circle series, Ted Dekker gives us the six-volume Lost Books series. This set of adventures takes place in the nearly 15 years between his Circle series books Black and Red. This is a time when the evil Horde, worshippers of Teeleh, led by Qurong, and the remnant of the forest people, worshippers of Elyon, led by Thomas Hunter, face off in an ever-spiraling conflict.

The sixth and final book in the Lost Books series, Elyon, was co-authored by Ted Dekker and Kaci Hill. It follows on immediately after Lunatic. This part of the tale is the darkest and most intense. It shows the inherent evil within the heart of man and his lust for power, power that will eventually destroy. Yet that power is pursued all the same. In Elyon we follow the burgeoning but difficult relationship of the Horde general Marak and the albino Darsal. Qurong's general has long been deceived and will take a very long time to convince that he is loved by Elyon. Meanwhile, Johnis, who is possessed by the entity Shaeda, and his love Silvie, blindly march on to use the amulet to take control of the Shataiki legions. But the dark priest Sucrow uses his black magic and betrayal to seize control of the amulet. He then moves to wipe out the albino race and crown himself supreme leader of the Horde.

Along the way, Darsal takes every possible opportunity to try to bring some glimmer of recognition to both Johnis and Silvie of Elyon's love for them. However, their minds are nearly fully deceived as they have become Horde. They know not who they are. We also finally come to learn of Shaeda's purposes and who this half-breed siren really is. In the end, the purpose of everything that has happened along the way becomes clear. Everything has happened for a specific purpose. It is Elyon's love that ultimately triumphs and saves the world that had teetered on the precipice.