Tuesday, September 13, 2011


How many times has somebody or something outside of your control wreaked havoc in your life, only to leave you to deal with the aftermath? Out of nowhere, through no fault of your own, a major storm system unleashed its fury and rage upon you and moved on. In its wake there is upheaval, chaos, destruction, and pain. You are forced to consider your options. What will you do?

Cuss and spit and vent? All acid and vehemence.

Ignore the problem and just try to go on as best you can? Just let life weigh you down further.

Roll up your sleeves and do what has to be done to get your life back on track with integrity and grace?

Several weeks ago, a major hurricane passed directly over the area where I live. Irene, a category 2 storm with sustained winds at about 80 mph, accompanied by about a foot of rain. The scene looked like so many that we have all witnessed over the years. Houses and buildings badly shaken, people hurt, millions in property damage. All unwelcome. All undeserved. All very costly on so many levels.

Of course, over the years many of us have had to face the unwanted devastation wrought by life's storms. Likely some of the worst that we have weathered did not result from nature, but from people in our lives that we trusted and relied on. Likely many are dealing with these very storms are we speak or will at some point in the not too distant future. So, how are you going to respond given the options before you?