Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In an offshoot of his Circle series, Ted Dekker gives us the six-volume Lost Books series. This set of adventures takes place in the nearly 15 years between his Circle series books Black and Red. This is a time when the evil Horde, worshippers of Teeleh, led by Qurong, and the remnant of the forest people, worshippers of Elyon, led by Thomas Hunter, face off in an ever-spiraling conflict.

The fourth book in the Lost Books series, Chaos, continues seamlessly where Renegade left off. In order to escape the evil Teeleh and his lieutenant Alucard, as well as the legions of blood-thirsty Shataiki minions, three of our four teenage protagonists (Johnis, Darsal, Silvie) and the tag-along child Karas, use the four lost books of history they have gathered to escape into present day earth circa 2033. Any continuity in thoughts and planning of our band of heroes is seemingly lost when Silvie and Johnis materialize on the outskirts of Las Vegas with no signs of Karas or Darsal. They are used to a fairly primitive life in their forest lands, and are totally ill-prepared to deal with the technology at hand. While trying to make their way to the city to find their comrades, they cause a major ruckus. However, this to-do helps Karas, who materialized in Las Vegas 10 years earlier along with Darsal, to find them. Karas and Darsal each worked separately following whatever leads they found to locate the three remaining lost books. Ultimately, it seems that Karas had made some progress, but Darsal was killed by the dark forces when she got too close to the truth.

However, present day earth is the true domain of Alucard. The purpose of his entire existence has been to gather the seven lost books. When they are brought together as foretold in prophesy, a portal to future earth will open to allow the legions of Shataiki to emerge and enslave all of humanity. With plans that have been carefully designed over several millenia, the clever Alucard uses his evil cunning and his assistant Miranda to outwit the heroes and steal the seven books. He then proceeds to open the portal and to call Teeleh's armies to come and do his bidding. At this moment when all seems lost, Alucard is betrayed by his assistant, who is actually Darsal, who had turned away from Elyon and her role as a chosen one when she lost her beloved Billos in Renegade. In the instant that she remembers who really saved her, the tide turns and Elyon's chosen defeat the forces of darkness. Now, onto the fifth book in the series, Lunatic.