Monday, August 29, 2011


I have hit a natural trifecta! Boy howdy I must be a lucky man. Watch out Vegas and Atlantic City. Better pull in those welcome mats before I show up and fix to clean you out. I am on fire and nobody can put me out.

First there were the out of control wild fires in the Great Dismal Swamp (what a welcoming name, huh?) right across the border from me in North Carolina . The thick smoke hangs heavy in the air in my area. Each morning they issue lovely sounding air-quality reports with threatening ratings like "red", "orange", and the ever-dreaded "purple". Lemon

Second there was the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that recently caused me to yellow my trousers. Man this quake was so nerve rattling that it caused the Washington Monument to crack up. Lemon

Finally, third in the row is the hurricane that just passed through my area, ripping and tearing its way as it went. Way too much destruction and loss. Lemon

So, I have hit a natural trifecta and wish that I could return my winnings, every last chip, token, and marker. I don't want to be this lucky again.