Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Never take lightly that the rules of the game are dynamic ...

Alpha - It was in our early teenage years that most of us started to take notice of the opposite sex. From the viewpoint of a young boy, he starts to notice things about those young girls around him that, somehow, he had never noticed before. Their smiles, their curves, their tenderness. Even more than their physical appearance, he begins to realize that they affect his external actions and his internal feelings when in their presence. Interestingly, just a few seasons earlier the lot of them were viewed as cootie-covered hindrances to his rough-housing play.

In middle school and high school, most boys start to seek out girls and to devote more and more of their energies toward trying to get closer to them. Through flirting and dating we start to gain an understanding of what sort of females attract us. We also learn how to interact with them. Hitting and cussing and crudeness and other sorts of typical and normal guy behaviors are frowned upon. This is a period for learning the basic rules of the game. Of course, this whole period is complicated beyond measure by the amazing biological changes that are going on in this stage of adolescence. A time when body and mind respond to controlling triggers that might not even be understood or recognized.

It is not surprising how few people end up with their high school sweethearts due to the fact that this is an important time of learning. What is preferred today, is likely to be cast aside tomorrow. Trial and error. Error and trial. These young kids in our western civilization are really in no position to make such important choices before they even establish themselves as responsible adults. Most young men are eager to attach themselves with the first young lady who shows them any attention. But lust-filled schoolyard crushes are no basis for long-term compatibility metrics.

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