Friday, August 26, 2011

Grind My Gears 24

Hey, I'm all for modern conveniences, especially if I can opt to hunt and peck on my state of the art computer (1.86 MHz CPU with a heart-stopping 4 kB of built-in memory) instead of actually having to stop and talk to people in person. email folks. That's e-m-a-i-l, which stands for Electronic Manipulation Adding to ILliteracy or some such acronym. But I tell you that I am getting sick and tired of this whole medium. How many times has someone sent you a communication promising that some important document or cartoon is included in an email "attachment"? Don't you find that most of the time said attachment is missing? Then the klondike bar who sent you the email in the first place sheepishly follows up with a second irksome and cloying communiqué saying "oops, teehee, forgot the attachment." Well this whole inane scenario that plays out time and time again really grinds my gears. This is rising above the normal levels of petty annoyance that I usually rant about in this forum. This is moving me to DEFCON 5 my friends. If I had absorbed near lethal doses of gamma radiation in the spectrum range from 520 to 570 nm, I would be hulking out right about now. For more on this issue, including detailed specifications on my computer, see the attachment.