Monday, August 22, 2011


Green represents both the inception and the culmination of the "Circle Series" by Ted Dekker. It can be read before the other books Black, Red, and White or it can be read after. The future affects the past. The past rewrites the future. Of all the books in the series, this one is by far the darkest in its portrayal of evil and the extent of its desperation. As Green begins, present day earth has long since recovered from the deadly Raison Strain virus that had nearly eradicated all of humanity. In fact the series protagonist Thomas Hunter died in present day earth in order to save mankind and existed only in the future earth. With the passage of time, three powerful groups developed. The remnant of humans (albinos), followers of Elyon, led by Thomas Hunter. The diseased scab Horde legions (full breeds) lead by Qurong with his dark priest Ba'al, followers of Teeleh. The Edamites (half breeds) and their hybrid theology lead by Edam, who used to be humans before the scabbing disease of the Horde claimed them.

These three powerful factions are in constant conflict with each other to protect their way of life and their religions. A rift in the albino group develops when a sizable faction, led by Thomas' son Samuel, wants to return to their armed ways. Too much death, too much running, too little peace. They have forgotten the promises and the peace of Elyon. This ushers in the end times foretold in prophesy. Throughout this painful period of division and plotting, Teeleh's minions carry out his insideous plan to rout the forces of light with his dark magic. Two pawns from present day earth travel to the future to pit all of the armies against each other to bring about the age of darkness. Just when it seems that Elyon has left his chosen people behind, he reveals himself and fulfills his promises to save his tribe. The parallels to Scripture are strong and wonderfully woven into this entire thrilling series. A non-stop ride of excitement from start to finish.

Now my time in these worlds in not over. Dekker has written six additional books to complement this series that explore different characters and developments to flesh things out a bit more. These six so-called Lost Books will be explored in turn. Stay tuned.