Thursday, November 12, 2009

Special Angel

My evening ritual before I head off to bed is to go into my daughter's room and check on her one last time. I straighten her covers, I turn off her lava lamp, and I tidy the floor near her bed in case she has to get up during the night. The final thing that I do is to give her a kiss on her forehead and tell her I love her. Sometimes, though, I linger just a bit and watch her sleep. I really love these moments. She looks so peaceful and content. Usually she is hugging one of her favorite stuffed animals. Sometimes it is Puppy, sometimes Sniff, sometimes Spots. She has many buddies, but she holds just a small few in a special place of honor. As I linger, I think back over our day together and the adventures that we shared. The important things we said, the giggles and silliness we threw around, the mountains we climbed. If we had some conflict over chores or homework or attitudes, this brief time together allows it all to melt away, to fall into proper perspective. There is a unique and special and deep love that we have for our little ones - a love that the ancient Greeks referred to as agape. I will always cherish my times with my own special little buddy. Good night angel face, sweet dreams. Daddy loves you.