Monday, November 16, 2009

Context, Again?

Back in August, I posted a blog entitled Context Baby all about taking things out of context. Funny how our imaginations can run amok at sprinter's speed when they latch hold of something. You overhear a snippet of a conversation, you see a glancing touch or a curious expression, you find that someone is not where you expected them to be, and your mind's flood gates open up to flesh out the details. You can easy become convinced that your crazy stories or scenarios must be true as there is no other possible logical explanation for what you witnessed.

Back in August, I played a game of running through a dozen T.V. stations, pausing only briefly, and recording what I heard. It was fun and silly, but it provided a good illustration of how our minds try to paint a picture given just the smallest slice of the pie. Well, if it was fun once, then it must be something worth repeating? Right?

My random T.V. snippets for today. Let them wash over your mind and see where they go.
  • When did you find time to eat a diaper you found on the beach?
  • The owner of the dog must present a 90 second routine.
  • He is the skin guru!
  • Who high fives after tonguing a urinal?
  • Monkeys will grab your daquiris.
  • We trapped Kim in a dust-filled box.
  • There is no oral rinse in the world that can rinse out the shame.
  • What's that smell? Oh, ..., burnt face.
  • You, my friend, have executive vision.
  • Back and forth and up and down. Why not a circle?