Thursday, March 12, 2015

Together Forever

The Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz has been thoroughly enjoyable for me at each step along the way. To date, Koontz has released seven books in the series about a young man who has the ability to interact with the deceased who have not passed onto the other side. Those who linger are looking for justice or closure to their earthly lives. While Odd cannot talk with these spirits, he can communicate with them. Odd is resourceful, humble, sweet, determined, quirky, and quite amusing. The last book in the Odd Thomas series, Saint Odd was released in mid-January. However, Koontz released a short novella entitled You Are Destined to be Together Forever to whet our appetites leading up to the final entry in the series.

This story takes us back a few years into an episode involving Odd and his girlfriend Stormy. They are on their way to a local carnival when Odd encounters a man who has just been murdered. Odd and Stormy follow the distraught victim to a house deep in the woods to learn how he met his fate. After they help bring the crisis to resolution, Odd and Stormy continue to the carnival and we finally see in its entirety the scene at the gypsy fortuneteller where Odd and Stormy receive some insight into their future, You are destined to be together forever. The fortune, printed on a paper stub, has been part of every entry in this story. Finally, we see the full narrative presented. If you are a fan of this series, this short read will definitely be worthwhile to you.

This novella was definitely a fun "snack" to gear me up for my reading of Saint Odd.