Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Regular readers of this blog and, in particular, my book reviews, will know how much respect I have for the writings of pastor Charles Swindoll. All told, I have now read nearly three dozen of his devotionals. There is something about his approach and style that brings me into focus with his teachings, his stories, his humor, and his love for God. Sometimes it almost feels like I can hear his voice talking to me. Likely that is because I have listened to his preaching on his nationwide radio program Insight for Living. When he released his most recent book, Abraham, I grabbed my copy with eager expectations.

Abraham is the only person in the Bible that God refers to as his friend. That alone should cause us to examine his life. While all of his life's details are not recorded in scripture, a significant portion of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, records a biography of the man born as Abram and renamed by God. Abraham was not a perfect man, he struggled with sin and character failings like us, but he is known as the "father of the faith" because when God called him, he followed. Swindoll takes us through the life of Abraham and teaches us about who this man was, how he lived, and his life of faith in God. Along the way Swindoll provides practical advice and direction for our lives of faith as well, including four directives from the life of the nomad Abraham that should apply to all of us:
  • Wherever God leads, follow.
  • Whatever God promises, believe.
  • Whenever God tests, trust.
  • However God blesses, share.
I am convinced that this book came along at a time in my life when it would have the biggest impact on me. Perhaps if you too are struggling in one of life's valleys, there might be something here to give you a lift. Very well done and highly recommended.