Monday, February 25, 2013

Parking Guru

Have you ever admired someone when you saw them do something cool or something that you are not adept at (but wish you were)? Perhaps most guys can relate to this type of feeling when watching some studly athlete who just dominates the games that he plays in, all while just looking so smooth, so elegant, so totally in touch with everything that he does. Perhaps most gals will relate with some movie actress who is beautiful, talented, and utterly graceful. In considering these objects of our admiration, we secretly wish that we could do what they do, experience what they experience, or even that we could be them. I can fully relate with such thoughts, but in my case, I do not dream of star athletes or movie star action heroes. Instead, I vicariously live through those who can parallel park.

Have you ever known someone whose paralleling park was, well, unparalleled? A couple of flicks of the wrist and they can fit their big American car with tailfins into an opening no wider than a Fishwich. Sure there are plenty of folks who must pull off such a driving maneuver several times per day, but their technique involves lots of gearshift changes, lots of back and forths, lots of cursing, lots of hand-over-hand pawing of their steering wheels. They lack style, pinache, and flair. Oh how I long to be a parallel parking guru.