Monday, February 11, 2013

Observations 17

My occasional blog series "Observations" was created to be an outlet to share a variety of topics that pop into my field of view as a result of a condition that many bloggers are afflicted with known as "blogger's eyes". In this state we view the world on the constant look-out for topics on which to write about. Today's blog came about from random odds 'n ends of things that I have noticed over the past few weeks.
  • I love the following quote from Nobel prize winning physicist Richard Feynman about his field, "It does no harm to the mystery to understand a little about it."
  • On multiple occasions when my daughter has been asked if she could choose either to read only books or watch T.V., she has responded unequivocally that she would choose books. While I would like to think that was the case, I am dubious.
  • I think it is so convenient that nowadays those involved in the seediest and most horrific scandals have a clear path for redemption, guaranteed to work. Go on Oprah, Anderson Cooper, the late night talk show circuit, and poof, you are as clean as snow. Ready to proceed on with your career as if nothing ever happened. So convenient and scripted.
  • Of the 10 headlines on the ESPN website recently, three of them were folks apologizing for inflammatory Twitter posts that they had made. When will people who feel the need to broadcast the minutae of their lives finally get a clue?
  • The other day I came across a Twinkie-like snack cake that had an expiration date printed on its packaging. That was most unexpected.