Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You Never Know

Most of the time you just don't know ...

  • ... how your smile can affect those you interact with each day.
  • ... how your pausing to listen to someone can impact their approach.
  • ... how calling someone just to say hello can change someone's mind.
  • ... how letting someone merge in traffic can ease their spirit.
  • ... how sending that email can erase a burden.
If we only acted upon a kind or positive impulse when we could be sure that we would directly witness its consequences, far too much beauty, grace, and life would cease. In my mind an image of an iceberg comes into focus. Only the small tip of the iceberg that projects above the water's surface is the part where the outcome of our actions is directly seen. I know that I have benefitted on countless occasions when someone's act has had a positive impact and influence on my life and they never even knew what a blessing they were for me. In fact it is likely that most often I do not even appreciate the effect that other's actions have on my bearing. How often has a kind word from a friend or stranger soothed me and pulled me back a bit from the edge?

The seed for this post was sowed late last summer during a short phone call with a friend and colleague of mine. I had kind of lost my passion at work and was in many ways just going through the motions. Somewhere in our conversation he sparked something within me that slowly began to take root. A year later and I have just successfully completed a major research project that would not have even gotten off the ground without that input. Doing this project has re-energized my heart and mind toward my work. So, when giving of yourself, you never know.