Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome Spring

My world is emblazened in glory as every tree and bush sprouts forth with life and color after a long and dormant winter. Walking outside in my yard after work the other day, there was still sunlight to kiss my face. The fragrance from the flowering trees in the neighborhood wafted past my nose and made me pause and embrace it. Ahhhh. Even the thought of having to remulch my landscaped beds and to mow my lawn makes me expectant. In the next few weeks I will be able to open the windows and invite the world within. Oh how I love burrowing into my warm bed as the crisp night air of early spring nips at my cheeks. The experience is made even grander when I awaken to hear the songbirds in the tree outside my window ushering in the rising sun of the new day. Welcome spring.