Thursday, March 10, 2011

Field of Dreams

My daughter has been part of a local sports team for several years now. She chose lacrosse, which I find interesting because I have never played it nor did I encourage her to pursue it. Furthermore, this sport doesn't have any sort of broad following or wide-spread exposure on television. Anyway, I suspect the lacrosse seed was planted in her based on the encouragement of a friend.

From my standpoint, what all of this means for me is that once during the week I take her to practice that lasts for 90 minutes and on Saturday I take her to a game or tournament that can last for 2 or 3 hours. Being around other parents who have children involved in similar activities, I tend to hear a lot of negative comments. Mostly these complaints involve having to ferry their child around town and kill time while their kids are off doing their thing. They find the whole responsibility boring and time consuming because they would rather be doing something that interests them. They do it only because that's what parents are supposed to do. For me, however, I have always liked taking my daughter to her activities. Of course we lose out on a bit of together time, but there are definitely several positives for me in taking part. These include:
  • Watching my daughter enjoying her interaction with others her age.
  • The pride of watching her succeed.
  • Watching her complete and develop self-confidence.
  • Listening to the sounds of happy children.
  • Enjoying the outdoors.
Usually I take along a few snacks and my book, and find a seat in the shade or out on the grass along the sidelines. I then alternate between watching my daughter play and reading. Sometimes I feel like I am immersed in a positive energy field and my spirit is inexplicably uplifted. Even though I am not directly involved in the game or the practice, the experience just energizes me and brings me a little peace in my field of dreams. I have never looked at this as something that I have to do, rather it is something that I get to do.