Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Greatest Show Ever

Sometimes it is fun to write about less serious topics. I think it exercises, at least in me, less frequently used portions of the brain. Synaptic connections are built, neurons flow, and one can, at times, find their smile. I wanted to write about the greatest show ever. I am speaking, of course, of Pinky and the Brain, a cartoon executive produced by Steven Spielberg. The show ran on the WB network from 1995 to 1998 and even won several Emmy awards. I read somewhere that critical acclaim is the same thing as quality. However, mainstream approval and acceptance is also something that kills the essence of countercultural coolness (or coolosity as scientist call it). Be that as it may, I have all of the episodes (amounting to 12 DVDs) and though I have seen them all many times, and can recite all plot lines from memory, I still love to watch them. They make me laugh out loud, even after the worst days. I have found over the years that the healing power of laughter is simply amazing. (Interruption from pesky outside reader).  Dan, I have never heard of this Pinky and the Brain show that you are alluding to. (Back to me).  Wow, you must have been raised in some Aleutian fishing village far from electricity and indoor plumbing. Let me fill you in. The show is about two genetically altered lab mice (their genes have been spliced, don't you know). They try every night to take over the world, but alas, their plans are always thwarted. The characters include The Brain (aka Mr. The Brain), who is a semi-evil but totally sympathetic super genius, and his feckless (completely without feck) sidekick Pinky. His brainial capacity is (ahem) markedly less developed than The Brain. He represents the lovable idiot who randomly shouts out expressions like "Poit", "Narf", "Zort", and "Troz". He has even been known to opine "Fjord".  He loves the taste of chalk and pals around with dryer lint. The show is written at a level that it will keep the young ones amused, but it is really for the worldly grown-up as it is loaded with references to celebrities, politicians, world issues, sweep-the-nation crazes, secret societies, etc. Do yourself a favor (and your funny bones) and check it out. Don't be completely without feck and learn to appreciate references to The Subclub (TM), Chia-Earth, Micro-sponge, and gene splicing and bagel warming. "Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?", "Same thing we do every night, try to take over the world." Let me know if you are as hip and cool as I know I am by telling me how much you love and respect this fine program.