Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is funny how being a Christian can impact your way of thinking. Before I accepted Christ as my personal savior, I seemingly had the ability to do anything that I wanted without any feelings of guilt. Sure I had my own internal moral compass that defined right and wrong for me, but my life was still full of sinful thoughts and behaviors. Of course being a Christian does not eliminate the sinful thoughts and behaviors, it simply makes you more aware of the fact that God's moral compass is quite a different instrument than our own. There is an interesting idea that God is within us, and when we sin, we are dragging God along for the ride. There is always so much to consider in how we go about living. The further I get along the road, the longer I realize that the journey is. The title of this post is frustration, but this is only a hook to draw you in. The life of a Christian is not meant to be one lived always thinking that they are being cheated or that they are always missing out on the fun. Following the way of God is supposed to be uplifting, and hopefully, it will ultimately be a much more natural part of our fabric.