Monday, February 2, 2015

Apparently I'm Not

They say that wisdom often comes with age. As the odometer on our life's biological Yugo advances, it is only natural that we figure out a thing or two along the way. These lessons are not just limited to things in the world around us, but also to things about ourselves. Sometimes, in our youth, we can think that we have the correct answers, but oftentimes age illuminates a wholly different reality. Over time, I have come to realize a few painful and frustrating truths about myself. For example, apparently I'm not
  • someone who can have a snack before bedtime and not gain 10 lbs before the alarm goes off the next morning
  • someone who was meant to have a full, thick head of hair that drives the dames crazy
  • someone who can find his way around the third floor at work without getting hopelessly lost and having to meekly ask for directions to the nearest exit
  • someone who can solve a simple set of coupled differential equations before I have a few sips of a moist java beverage in the morning
  • someone who can avoid blisters by simply pondering physical labor for just a moment.
So, as I lay myself bare before you, I hope that you won't judge me too harshly or think me a frail girly man.