Tuesday, November 18, 2014


You know what gets me choked up about the number 1700? Well, nothing really ... errr ... well I guess there is one small thing. Today I celebrate blog post number 1,700. While that number may not be so big compared to say, 18,432.675, it is largish compared to 0.23. So there is that. Am I still enjoying my blog, with its constant demands for more? Actually, yeah. Would it be the end of my world if I were to stop? No. I have thought several times over the last few months that I could walk away at any time and be O.K. with that decision. However, for whatever reason, the number 2,000 just seems like a much better way to finish. Regardless, of when things end here, I am not done yet. I will see you all on the march to 1,800. To my loyal readers, thanks, or better yet, Thanks. Oh heck, I am feeling generous today, so I will even give you a hearty THANKS.