Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grind My Gears 32

Grrrr ... Grrrr ... Freakin' grrrr. All of my pent up frustration and gear grinding exasperation is directed at those drivers on the road who do not know what in blazes they are doing. Their lack of basic knowledge of the rules then inconveniences the rest of us who are competent and who do not wet our beds on a regular basis. In particular, I am up in arms about folks that sit at the front of the right hand turning lane who do not understand that it is not only legal, but fully expected, that thou shalt turn right on red if there is no oncoming traffic and it is safe to enter the intersection. Instead these spotted malamutes just sit there even though there is not a vehicle on the cross road for 20 parsecs in either direction. What are they waiting for? Where is their let's-get-out-of-here
instinct? The only reason that I can see for their just sitting there is that they enjoy the sound of my arteries nearing the rupture point as my blood pressure rises exponentially. Either that or they are trying to get some sort of petty revenge on me for actually knowing the rules of the road and doing my best not to unnecessarily hold up my fellow drivers.