Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The final entry in the Pendragon Cycle series by Stephen Lawhead is entitled Grail. This tale picks up where Pendragon left off. Arthur, high king of Britain, had defeated the invading barbarian horde that had plagued his land. However, in the battle he was gravely wounded. Merlin, his wise bard and counselor, took the dying Arthur to his grandfather, King Avallach, who was believed to possess the legendary and blessed grail cup used by Jesus at the last supper. Indeed Avallach had been entrusted to guard and protect the sacred grail, and used its power to heal Arthur. Yet that miraculous act marked an opportunity for evil to take root.

In his zeal to share the power of the grail with everyone in his kingdom, Arthur decrees that a grand shrine be raised. Seizing on this opportunity, Avallach's daughter Morgian, known throughout the land as the queen of air and darkness for her unholy union with evil, used her wicked spawn to enchant one of the kingdom's trusted guardians to steal the cup and kidnap Arthur's queen. As Arthur and his champions pursue Morgian to reclaim what has been taken, they encounter a wicked land placed under a deep spell. It looks like the glorious kingdom of summer is doomed before it can even begin.

When man relies on his own strength, he is doomed to failure. Only when he gives up his power to the living God can he truly know strength. Such is the case in this story, and it represents the key to the defeat of Morgian. Simple acts of faith and worship can overcome the darkest night and the deepest pit. In this case, it lead to victory and the establishment of Arthur's great realm in Britain. A truly wonderful story and a great series that I really embraced.