Thursday, December 10, 2015

Siren's Song

In Greek mythology legends tell of the sirens, those enticingly beautiful creatures whose mesmerizing song lured many a helpless sailing man to their death upon the jagged rocks. Though the legends were shared from port to port, and crews were warned afore, they were helpless to resist when those notes drifted across the winds to tickle their ears. Logic and restraint were forgotten in the pull of that inescapable call.

I too have fallen victim to the siren's song. Unable to resist that beautiful face, those twinkling eyes, that focused attention on me, I am reduced to little more than a puppet on a string, blowing whichever way her winds drive me. Offering up every part of myself and more in a stumbling, careening effort to please her. Yet, inevitably, in the morning I find myself dashed upon the rocks of that craggy atoll, torn asunder.

Frustrating beyond measure is that when I scrabble back to my uneasy equilibrium after many long seasons, weaker in mind and spirit than before, how easily I can succumb to that call once more. Somehow I am struck dumb, unable to recall a sliver of the hell that struck me before. Unfathomably, even though it will be the death of me, one echo of that voice and I throw all of myself into pursuit, willing anew to give her my very soul.