Monday, November 30, 2015

Absurdities 4

I have a lingering collection of things that I have stumbled across in my travels and daily life that have made me laugh or shake my head whilst uttering expressions such as, "What has this world come to?". In this series I share the absurdities with you. Enjoy.

  • At the main entrance to my building at work one needs to use the center doors to enter. However, one is not allowed to use the center doors.
  • Should I spring for the next day shipping or not? I guess if saving one freakin' day is worth my daughter's college fund.
  • The scoreboard from the Patriots/Bears game a few weeks ago shows you the definition of domination.
  • When setting up a pit-type trap, one must use the right bait to have a hope of capturing one's desired quarry. See if you can match the bait at the right with the following quarries: 1). Scientist, 2). Bengal tiger, 3). Politician, 4). Nerd.