Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In today's hi-tech society, most folks have come across the term "FAQ". FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions". In fact you can typically find a page of FAQs in most owner's manuals and on most computer help pages. The typical FAQ is written for, well let's face it, a complete idiot. To wit, from my television manual FAQ page, "Q: What do I do if the television does not come on when the power button is pushed?, A: Be sure the power cord is plugged into the outlet." Geez, why didn't I think of that?

As a Christian living in a world surrounded by so many complexities and problems that crop up on a daily basis, I have frequently wished that there was a useful FAQ page for me. Many preachers and pastors and clergy-type will tell you that the Bible is the ultimate and definitive source for the answers to all of life's questions. Well, as someone who has read and studied the Bible very carefully, I can say that they are all full of bean dip. The Bible provides the outline and boundary conditions, but it does not truly get into providing specific answers to the specific questions that come up in my life. I wish there was a FAQ page in the Bible (perhaps in the "Newer Testament") that would give me direct answers or suggestions in the areas of:
  • Money and finances
  • Personal interactions with people that aggravate me
  • Dealing with relatives
  • How and when to talk to my child
  • Saving for college
  • Lust and sexuality for the single man
  • How to make consistently tasty pancakes
To be more specific, I would like a website written by God where I could go and type in a username and password, say Perhaps then I would be able to make wiser decisions and get along better with the people around me.