Monday, November 29, 2010

Label Me

"I've seen the way you talk to everyone. You don't remember anybody's name and you don't even look anyone in the eye. You really think you're better than everyone else."

The above words were never spoken aloud to me. However, I have a strong suspicion that more than a few people have walked away from talking to me with these thoughts in their head. I have been labeled an elitist. Folks think that because I have a wall of diplomas and degrees that I feel that I am more important than they are, that I look down my nose at them and feel that they are beneath me. Patrician vs. plebian. The old caste system in effect. While I walk the golden path, you belong back in the gutter that you crawled out of.

If you knew me and had the slightest inkling of the psychological issues that I deal with, if you could have just a taste of my past, you would not be so quick to judge me, to shun me, to label me. I have difficulty with normal social relations. I struggle and battle just trying to survive and interact in and around others. I used to think I was just really shy, but I know differently know. I wear enough labels of my own without adding yours to my list.