Wednesday, January 6, 2016

iTunes Latest - 32

I have been a user of iTunes since 2011. This service has allowed me to bring music back into my world and to reconnect with so many great songs from my past and to find some great new recent stuff as well. One of the things that I really like about music is how it becomes part of the soundtrack of the different seasons of our lives. So, I thought that I would share my latest five downloads and a bit about my thoughts on each song.
  • House of Cards - Scorpions (2015) - Something seems off when a rock group lingers too long. The Scorpions have been around now for 50 years. They officially retired a few years ago, but decided to unretire. However, this song from their recent release is well crafted and fits in perfectly with other ballads they have released over the years.
  • Confident - Demi Levato (2015) - While I am most definitely not a fan of the music of this ex-Disney teeny bopper turned look-at-me vixen, this song will not let me avoid it. A loud, driving, bombastic anthem about strutting your stuff and to heck with anybody who says otherwise.
  • Drive - America (2015) - For me America is cemented into my DNA as a classic band from the early 1970s. Yet if you look at their catalog, they have been releasing new work consistently every few years. This song is from their most recent release and its strumming guitar groove about getting away and leaving your troubles behind is polished and professional.
  • Humanity - Scorpions (2007) - A tune from a release about 10 years ago that saw the band return to its nominal album formula after a lengthy period of stylistic experimentation that caused its fanbase to erode considerably. The downfall of humanity is upon us and nobody seems to recognize it.
  • Crossfire - Scorpions (1984) - A haunting dirge lamenting that we are caught in the crossfire of our government leader's bloodlust and power plays.